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IGA Prognosis Help Page

IGA (International General Aviation) PROGNOSIS.

IGA-prognosis is a meteorological forecast for a specific area, especially for GA-flights below FL 100. Please use the Aeronautical MET abbreviations for decoding the IGA prognosis.

Norwegian IGA prognosis and corresponding areas:

FBNO41 Prog. for Norway FIR, SE part coast and lowland areas E OF 00730E and S OF N6100.
FBNO42 Prog. for Norway FIR, SW part; coastal and fjord areas W OF 00730E AND S OF 6200N.
FBNO44 Prog. for Norway FIR, coastal and fjord areas from 6200N to 6500N.
FBNO45 Prog. for Norway FIR, north of 6500N, coastal and fjord areas, Finmarksvidda and valley around Bardufoss.
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