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MET Abbreviations

Aeronautical meteorology abbreviations.


ABT                           About

ABV                           Above

AC                              Altocumulus

ACT                           Active, activated

AIREP                       Plain language form of air report

AIREP SPECIAL      Air report of special meteorological observation

ALT                            Altitude

AMD                          Amend, amended

AS                              Altostratus

ASSW                        Associated with


BASE                         Cloud base

BKN                           Broken

BLO                           Below clouds

BLSN                         Blowing snow

BLW                          Below

BTL                            Between layers

BTN                           Between


C                                 Degrees Celsius

CAT                           Clear Air Turbulence

CAVOK                     Cloud, visibility and weather better than prescribed values

CB                              Cumulonimbus

CC                              Cirrocumulus

CI                               Cirrus

CLD                           Clouds

CNS                           Continuous

COT                           Coast

CS                              Cirrostratus

CU                              Cumulus

CUF                            Cumuliform


DEG                           Degrees

DMO                         Dependent Meteorological office

DP                              Dewpoint

DZ                              Drizzle

DTRT                        Deteriorate, deteriorating

DUST                         Duststorm


EXP                            Expect(ed), expecting


FBL                            Light (to qualify icing, turbulence etc)

FCST                          Forecast

FL                               Flight Level

FPM                           Foot per minute

FRONT                      Front

FRQ                           Frequent

FT                               Feet

FZ                               Freezing

FZDZ                          Freezing drizzle

FZRA                         Freezing rain


GND                          Ground

GRADU                     Gradual(ly)


H                                High pressure

HAIL                          Hail

HURCN                     Hurricane

HVY                           Heavy


IAO                            In and out of clouds

ICE                             Icing

IFR                             Instrument flight rules

IMC                           Instrument meteorological conditions

IMPR                         Improve, improving

INC                            In Clouds

INS                             Inches

INTER                       Intermittent

INTST                        Intensity

INTSF                        Intensify(ing)


JTST                          Jet stream


KM                            Kilometers

KMH                         Kilometers per hour

KT                              Knots


L                                 Low pressure area

LAN                           Land

LGT                           Light

LCA                           Locally

LSQ                            Line squall

LYR                           Layer(ed)


M                               Meters

MAX                          Maximum

MB                             Millibars

MET                          Meteorological, meteorology

MIN                           Minutes

MMO                        Main meteorological office

MNM                        Minimum

MOD                         Moderate (icing, turbulence etc.)

MOV                          Move, moving

MPS                           Meters per second

MS                             Minus

MSL                           Mean sea level

MTW                         Mountain waves

MWO                         Meteorological watch office


NC                              No change

NIL                            None, nothing

NM                            Nautical mile(s)

NOSIG                       No significant change

NS                              Nimbostratus

NSC                           No significant clouds


OBS                            Observe(d), observation

OBSC                         Obscure(d), obscuring

OCNL                        Occasional(ly)

OKTA                        Eight of sky cover

OTP                            On top

OVC                           Overcast


PROB                        Probability

PS                               Plus


RA                              Rain

RAPID                       Rapid(ly)

RASN                        Rain and snow

RVR                           Runway visual range


SAND                        Sandstorm

SC                              Stratocumulus

SCT                            Scattered

SEC                            Seconds

SEV                            Severe (icing, turbulence)

SFC                            Surface

SH                              Shower

SHWR                       Shower

SIGMET                    Information from MWO concerning certain meteorological phenomena

SLW                           Slow

SMK                          Smoke

SMO                          Supplementary meteorological office

SN                              Snow


T                                 Temperature

TAF                            Terminal aerodrome forecast in code

TAIL                          Tail wind

TCU                           Towering Cumulus

TDO                           Tornado

TEMPO                     Temporary, temporarily

TEND                        Trend or tending to

TOP                            Cloud top

TS                               Thunderstorm

TURB                        Turbulence


UNL                           Unlimited

UTC                           Universal Time Coordinated


VER                           Vertical

VFR                           Visual flight rules

VIS                             Visibility

VMS                          Visual meteorological conditions

VOLMET                  Meteorological information for aircraft in flight

VRBL                        Variable

VSP                            Vertical speed

VV                              Vertical visibility


WDSPR                     Widespread

WKN                          Weaken(ing)

WTSPT                      Waterspout

WX                             Weather






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