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About IPPC
The Internet Pilot Planning Centre (IPPC) is an extension to the Norwegian Aeronautical Information System (NAIS). IPPC make a limited set of the NAIS briefing functionality available via the Internet.

Information provided by the IPPC is retrieved directly from the Norwegian Aeronautical Information System in "real time". Avinor will however not accept responsibility for any corruption or changes to data that might take effect in the Internet transport system.

request for briefing via IPPC will be passed from the Web server into the operational NAIS database, and the report (briefing) will therefore contain information updated to the time of production of the report - thus enabling inclusion of the latest NOTAM, SNOWTAM and MET information, including SPECI and SIGMET/ICE messages and Weather Charts. It should be remembered that IPPC accesses only the briefing part of NAIS, and NOTAM will not be included in the reports if their "validfrom" time is more than 12 hours into the future. Information on "validto" time will be included in the PIB entry if the expiry time is less than 24 hours into the future. PIB entries that appear on briefings for the first time "today" will be marked as "new today". IPPC briefings will not include NOTAM with Qualifier "M" (miscellaneous). NOTAM with qualifiers "W" will be included only if the VFR box in the query form has been ticked off (default).

Avinor has foreseen that IPPC primarily will be used by General Aviation pilots and helicopter pilots, who sometimes do not have access to NAIS briefings provided at Norwegian aerodromes. IPPC can also be accessed for planning purposes by other pilots, dispatchers and aviation related personnell.

It is recommended that pilots receive the latest information (via NAIS) before departure from Norwegian aerodromes.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with IPPC please send an e-mail to: Ippc - Avinor AS

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