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How to deal with browser problem in the new Flight planning module

In order for the Flight planning module to work properly you might need to do the following in your browser:
  • Empty the cache. Browsers stores pages locally so that it can display these pages instead of retrieving new pages from the web server.
  • Set the browser to download the ippc webpages each time you visit the site

No matter what your problem might be, it is always a good practice to first download the latest version of your browser and see if the problems disappears.

For instance, in Mozilla Firefox version > 30.0 you can do the following to empty the cache and instruct the browser to download the pages each time you visit:
  • In the browsers address field or URL write about:config and press enter
  • Navigate to the line beginning with browser.cache_check_doc_frequency. Set the value to 1.
  • Open Preferences and choose Advanced-Network. Under «Offline Web Content?» press «Clear Now».

Hopefully this will help with the browser problem. You can find information about these procedures on the Internet, for instance here.

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