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Weather Radar
"Please note that the weather radar is an animation of past data, and not to be taken as updated information."

The Norwegian Meterological Institute ( offers animations based on their weather radars. The network of such radars is under development, therefore there are parts of Norway not yet covered by weather radars. The links below gives an indication of the current coverage.

The animations show how the precipitation (rain, sleet, snow) is moving within the area of coverage of the radar, in relationship to the maps in the background. The colours give an indication of the intensity of the precipitation. The animations shows updates to the radar picture every 7 minutes.

Radar beams may deviate and hit the ground when special atmospheric conditions occur. This will give a false precipitation echo. A sign of false echoes is little movement.

The radar animations are the property of and are not to be used commercially without an agreement with them. Avinor accepts no responsibility for the animations or the use of them.

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